Cutting-edge tracking devices for scientific research and conservation
  • Movetech Telemetry is an academic partnership that produces lightweight tracking devices for the study of animal movements. GPS, accelerometer and temperature data are remotely transmitted directly via the mobile phone network direct to your study. Flexible programming and remote upload of new settings ensures that you devices can adapt to changes in environmental conditions.
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Quality sensing

  • - High-precision GPS fixes
  • - GPS logging intervals from 1 second to 48 hour
  • - Inbuilt accelerometer and temperature sensors


  • - No external antennae
  • - High efficiency & low-light solar charging
    - Store over 60,000 records
  • - Robust 3D-printed housings
  • - Available in a range of colours


  • - Global data transmission via mobile network
    - Settings can be updated remotely
  • - Data delivered to Movebank


  • - Weight from 18g upwards
    - Lighter tags (12g) available from late 2017
  • - Tailor-made housings available

Osprey tracking, Scotland 2017

Eight Osprey chicks were tagged in summer 2017 with Movetech Telemetry 'Flyway 25' tags by Forestry Commission Scotland, as part of their long-term project into this species. Juvenile Ospreys will migrate to Africa and will probably spend at least a year in Africa before before returning to Scotland. The race is on to get there!

Zoom in on the map to view the route in detail.

Gannets on the move

Movetech devices have been employed for 5 years in the Gannet colonies offshore the Channel Island of Alderney and have given a unique insight into how these birds use their marine environment. The project, jointly with the Alderney Wildlife Trust, the University of Liverpool and BTO has demonstrated the impact of existing and proposed offshore windfarms on this internationally-important seabird colony.

The map on the right shows some of the recent tracks for several individuals

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Photos: Roberto Sanchez (Banner), Mark Hamblin/scotlandbigpicture (Golden Eagle), John Harding (Gannet)

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